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A positive approach

Updated: 3 days ago

When you think of Covid-19 what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Deaths? Symptoms? Scarcity of hospital beds, oxygen, ventilators? Unavailability of vaccines? Quarantine? Unemployment? GDP decline?

I am sure it’s either one these things or a combination of them. But are these the only things that constitute the pandemic? Or have we not mentioned some things?

The positive things

We all have this natural ability to focus on the negativity. Majority of us won’t call a glass half full but half empty. But let us focus on the bright things of the pandemics or the things that made people’s life brighter. The people’s ef orts. The pandemic brought out humanity and caring, loving nature inside a lot of us. From students to adults to frontline workers - each one of us is doing our bit to fight this pandemic. There are organisations, websites being set up by individuals and committees to help those in need. People are taking initiatives to contribute towards assisting those sick with covid. Let us look at some of the steps being taken up by people :

(1) Setting up covid centres (those who have the space, money and resources to);

(2)Posting stories regarding leads

(3) Starting websites and organisations to connect those who are offering services and products and who are in need of services and products.; and

(4) supplying food to those down with covid.

We are in a transitional phase and in these unprecedented times we have all been affected in one way or another. People are passing away, loved ones are on hospital beds, there is frustration and depression all around. But have people given up? Have they lost their hope? Are they just sitting back and waiting for the pandemic to get over? No! People are doing whatever they can to fight this pandemic not just for themselves but for others too.


There is always something happening to upset us. Be it on a larger scale or a small scale. Lives get affected by it and people lose their will to live. But how we tackle the situation and what approach we have (positive or negative) matters the most. “Hope is like the sun. If you only believe it when you see it you'll never make it through the night.” Have hope, have a positive approach. Covid-19 is just a phase and we will get past it soon.

by shatakshi goyal

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