Updated: Jun 15, 2020

BMW 3-SERIES BEST IN CLASS? The BMW 3 series is a D segment car. This car might be the best in segment lets find out why.

Being a d segment car, 3 series has to be luxurious,but BMW is marketing as a sports sedan. 3 series is a balanced mixture of sports and luxury. BMW has offred the 3 series with 2 engine types. A 2.0 L 4-cylinder petrol which has 255 bhp, 2.0 L 4-cylinder diesel which has 188 bhp which are a downgrade from the previous 6 cylinders.

The BMW 3 series is a front engine rear wheel drive car.

The BMW 3 series is offered in 3 trims:-

320d luxury line - deisel
330i M sport line- petrol
330i sport line - petrol

some of the basic information of the following are the following. Fuel economy: 14-20 km/l combined Dimensions: 4,709-4,824 mm L x 1,827-1,828 mm W x 1,435-1,508 mm H Horsepower: 140 to 190 kW Cargo volume: 480

BMW also offers The 3 series gran turismo which has a better engine…

BMW offers the idrive infotainment system on the cars which is the best in the competion which is followed by the Mercedes-Benz MBUX system.

BMW 3 series being a luxury sport sedan is also a very practical car,best as a 4 seater.

The questions arises is the BMW 3 series best in its segment? And the answer is yes,just because the BMW packs it the most refined engine and the transmission.except the 4 cylinders and a bit of high maintanence cost its a all rounder.its also the best real wheel drive car which does not burn your pockets.

I know this is controversial but in my opinion this car is the best against mercedes c class, audi A4 and jaguar XE. sorry mercedes,audi and jaguar fan boys but BMW has hit the sweet spot


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