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Drink a little more & eat a little less

Updated: 3 days ago

You must have read a lot about food, from both- the ones “who make it” and the ones “who eat it”.

But I am sure that it usually about the good food or atleast intended to be good.

So I am not going to tell you anything about that. I would share you my experiences about crazy things about food and drinks both- the ones “which happen to me” and the ones “which are done by me”.

From the sampler menu-

  • Amazing food which is prepared by a 7-8 years old..

  • Interesting rituals of drinking

  • Crazy combination of your regular food which till take your experience to new levels.

  • Review of some of whiskeys from around the world

  • Some unexpected recipes of new experiences

  • Few healthy tips to survive with the evil..

Keep tuned for all this and more..


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