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sports or electronic sports is one of the most famous and cherished competition in the present world . It involves video games and serious gaming . it is a topic that attracts thousand of game lovers . people nowadays have started streaming their gameplays on different social media apps like youtube and twich and play on different gaming platforms such as consoles and gaming PC’s . there are different genres of games like battle royale , freeworld and many more . the most famous e-sport game during this time is fortnite and is adored by around 250 million players around the globe . it was released on 27 july 2017 and is the leading battle royale game. however the game has many other competitions which involves apex legends which was the most played game of 2019 and the future would most probably be taken by the the legendary battle royale game – call of duty warzone . people who are professional at games are known as professional gamers and are asked to play in tournaments and win money which increases the popularity of game . kyle , aka Bugha is a teen who won 3 million dollars by winning the fortnite world cup. people not only play games for money or popularity , but also for relaxing their minds and relieving them from their stress . this topic has brought a revolution in the life of the people and freed them from their boredom . e-sport is indeed one of the fine things of life

by – Aryan chandra

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