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Working from home – something everyone has to do irrespective if they are a student or someone working due to the worldwide global pandemic. It obviously isn’t that easy to concentrate on work with all the distractions around. With the TV running in the background to scrolling through Instagram, there could be various things that distract us from working or studying. Our biggest distraction is our phone so we can simply use our phone to increase our productivity levels by putting a timer to keep a record of the time for which we focused. This helps us get an idea of the number of hours we spent working in a day and also makes us aware of the time when we need to take breaks. There are certain apps like forest which don’t let us close the app until the timer is finished so it helps us to avoid going on Instagram or YouTube and we are able to work without getting distracted. Having a plan of what you want to get done helps a lot in completing our work on time. It prevents us from pondering for hours on what needs to be done. Making a plan the previous night is really helpful irrespective of it being a to-do list or using your calendar to time block your day. Starting your day with high priority tasks helps to get done most of your tasks as our energy is the highest during the initial parts of the day. It is also necessary to forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past and focus on how you can make the present productive. Commit to the task - focus on doing, not avoiding and promise yourself a reward for completing something. The reward could be as little as a chocolate or a coffee, anything that makes you happy. At the end it is really important to give yourself enough breaks and enough credit for the work you are doing and having enough breaks to rest is really important because doing too much work frustrates you from inside resulting in you being unproductive. It is necessary to take care of your mental health and even take a day or two off if necessary.


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