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Importance of Co-curriculars in our life

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We all know how important are studies in all of our lives. But do we all also agree to the fact that extra curricular activities are as much important as studies? I bet a lot of people, especially parents, will highly disagree to my point of view. This blog will discuss about how much importance Co-curriculars have in our lives or specifically, a student's life.

These days, extra curricular activities have become as much important as studies in our lives, especially students, who are currently studying. Infact now, a student who spends all of his/her time to read books is referred to as a geek whereas a student who is well engaged both in studies and Co-curriculars is a better student.

The reason for extra curriculars being so crucial in our lives is that they teach us a lot of things. Sure books give us knowledge but Co-curriculars, they teach us value skills. Being a part of a cricket team teaches us team spirit, being a captain of one improves our leadership skills. Being a singer makes us more emotional understanding whereas being an actor teaches us how to act our way out of difficult situations.

Other than all the skills Co-curriculars teach us, many schools and colleges these days give priority admissions to students whose CV displays student's interest in both academics and extra curricular activities because they want their students to represent their school/college with the skills they can perform in the state or the nation or even in the world.

Today, the sports sector, the Music Industry or the Acting Industry is also extremely successful and earning a fortune. This gives every student, every child, every person that as the world is changing, the impression that, to be successful you need not have a great jon in an MNC but just be successful in whatever you do. Therefore, yes extra curricular activities have now become as important as studies and it's time we all start agreeing to this fact.

- by monishka

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