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Local is the New Global contributes an exchange of knowledge and obtaining new experience. It facilitates self-determination. It develops a culture of dialogue. A common field of understanding between participants is created, priorities of the group determined, all in due process. Local is the new global is the trend followed by a lot of countries amidst this pandemic to stabalize the economy.

The governments have being trying to get the companies to have products made in their own country, the general public have also been influenced to use their home grown products rather then using the imported ones. India is one of the countries who is pushing to use products made in India rather then the products sourced from out. The campaign launched by the prime minister is called Atmanribhar Bharat, where in a press release he motivated the public to use indian made products . International brands in the fear of loosing Indian market have started to either produce their products or have started to make products specially for India which will be manufactured in India and will be exported. After the great fall in the Indian economy the step to have indian products over the global once is a great step to revive and stabilise the economy. Some of the brands like Kia Motors and apple inc have started to produce their offering in india in lieu to give the Indian youth jobs. In the terms the plan of the “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT” or “LOCAL IS THE NEW GLOBAL” is a great step indeed. By Kamal Nayan Panda G.D. GOENKA PUBLIC SCHOOL SEC-22 ROHINI


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