Mental Health - Still a Stigma!

“Mental Health” I disagree if anyone says they haven’t heard the word! You might have heard it in your counselling classes or in a movie or it could be anywhere.

What mental health needs is to more sunlight, more Candour, and more unashamed conversations. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but a stigma and bias shame us all. We are even scared to open ourselves to someone, thinking they would judge us, they won’t understand it or any other excuse we are giving ourselves to not share how we feel. Everything and anything can effect our mental health, it depends how strong our we. I wanna tell you this that sharing those thoughts you are having is not making you weak, its making you even stronger than you ever were and you having those ups and downs with your life, the bad days when you don’t feel yourself is what makes you human. Ignoring it would never make it better, we ignore the problems we have thinking its nothing to worry about but you need to tell yourself that you are strong enough to face it and you need to face it. In schools as well, our counselling teachers try to teach us the same things but we think they don’t know what the problem is, but guys believe me they somewhat do, they don’t show but they have been through that age too, the age where we all tend to face problems in everyday life. If you are not comfortable to share it with your teachers, then share it your parents or friends or anyone you trust. When you don’t want the problems, we tend to act like everything is going great but sooner or later when it starts to trouble us, we regret it that when we knew we didn’t do anything. Physical health matters but also the mental health, when we aren’t in a mental state to do something, we face problem to concentrate on other things too, so its better to take care of ourselves even because you matter and only you can make it better. If the things are not good right now, believe me, they will be soon enough because good times only come after you have learned a lesson from those bad times.

-Dhwani Khanna

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