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Mental Stress,A teen problem ?

Updated: 3 days ago

Stress is any negative change that hampers your psychological peace. One of its most prevalent

subsets is pressure. Most people around us experience stress to a degree. What matters is how

we react to it; this is what contributes to our mental well-being. How do we know we are under

stress, let’s count the ways?

 Being grumpy or irritable;

 Panicking and accepting failure even before trying;

 Ignoring our leisure activities;

 Medically, it includes headaches, difficulty in sleeping, muscle tension, physical aches, racing

heartbeat, sweaty palms, dizziness, trembling and many more.

The question is ‘What to do?’

 “You can do anything, but not everything.” Stress comes our way when we try to pursue

everything at once. We need to believe that opportunities do come our way when they are

meant to. We need to learn to say ‘NO’ to some things in our life. We can surely say a ‘YES’

to the same in our future.

 People say eliminate your leisure activities if you are stressed. That is the worst thing one

should ever do under stress. Infact, to restore our peace of mind, any activity, be it listening

to music, baking, drawing or painting, exercising or binge watching, should be done. This will

not only distract your mind, it will also soothe you.

 People panic when their datasheets are released, or deadlines for submitting our work is

round the corner. We need to understand that deadlines are mere dates, WHY TO WAIT FOR

ONE? Manage your tasks such that you are able to complete them well before the deadline.

 “BE PREPARED”. Opportunities or tasks can come our way anytime. We can anticipate that

the tasks that may come to us belong to which field, it may be Art and Craft, English-

Speaking or Writing Skills. Basically, we should keep ourselves in continuous practice, so

that, when the time comes to bring them into action, we need not lose our cool.

So, let us all say this to stress, “It is not going well anymore, Let’s break up!”

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