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“You have got to get obsessed, and stay obsessed!”


What are obsessions? Its simply anything we can feel a connection with! Every person in this world is

bound with something through their mind and heart. Obsessions actually bring something/someone

even closer to our soul. A person can be obsessed with another person out there, it might be a

friend, a family member, or a bae. You might be obsessed with a fictional character, with a series or

any show.

If a person covers the four walls of their room with the golden trio posters or watches ‘Yeh Jawaani

Hai Dewaani’ for a hundredth time, that is how they are obsessed with it. Some obsessions might be

called insane, people might even be obsessed with potatoes, or any animal community as well.

Obsessions are unique for every person, and its intensity differs too.

Is it wrong in being obsessed with something? Actually, No! We are mistaken when we take that

obsession to another level, when we expect too much from those obsessions, when we aim to

transform that obsession into a possession. When that breath-taking connection between our

obsessions and our soul need to part, it’s the time when it hurts the most. It’s wrong when we try to

subsume ourselves in the world of our obsessions. There is nothing wrong in making attempts at

reality shifting, however, we must not neglect the real world, its ways, its people and our natural


Have you ever wondered how monotonous your life would have been when you have nothing to be

obsessed with? Obsessions are very natural, inevitable and an integral part of our life. I want all the

readers to ponder upon your obsessions and if the intensity of those obsessions is wrong or legit.

Never consider your obsessions your pawn, never hope too much from your obsessions and never

try to capture them. Our every obsession and every action in relevance to it, is the response of our

thoughts, inclinations and our stimulus.

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