Updated: Jan 20

Hi everyone, I'm just a teenager in high school.

I want to talk about music. The first time I heard pop I really didn’t like it much but now it's like one of the most important things to me. Music helps a lot, when you’re sad, when you’re, whatever mood u feel like, you can listen to music, it's like music hears us and listens to us and then responds.

It’s like we can understand music and it understands us, helps us process things, makes us happy, and more. It makes us calm, it stimulates our mind. Music allows us to feel possibly all emotions that we feel in our life.

It can also express your emotions without having you show them a way to do it, which can also make you happy. Music is powerful in many other ways that could take your feelings away. The important thing is that the music takes your feelings when you are sad, nervous, or when you're happy and the music makes you happier.

Music makes us relax, it helps us ease pain and it is also said that in future it can cure diseases.

This is how powerful music is and I love it.

-anushka dalal

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