Speaking in Public

Updated: Jan 20

How do you feel when you have to deliver a speech? Most of us feel that it is a very difficult task and we need to be a great public speaker just to get through it. However, there are some simple pointers that anyone can use to help improve their public speaking skills.

When I first got the opportunity to speak in public, I was extremely scared about my confidence and my way of speaking. But the privilege that I had was that I had great mentors. Before actually speaking in front of your actual audience, it is important and beneficial to prepare to speak in public. The simplest way to do this is rehearsing, rehearsing in front of your friends, family.

The other major issue, that a lot of people face, before they deliver their speech is the nervousness.

I often got nervous, before I delivered any speech or before I had to speak in public. But as I accelerated forward, and as I delivered more and more speeches, I found it easier to cope up with the nervousness every next time. Inhaling, exhaling deeply and imagining and feeling people applauding you, really helped.

When speaking in public, your attitude and approach is very important. But it's not just what you say, but how you say it. It's not just about the content, but how you deliver it. Many people get nervous when speaking in public. But there's no need to be nervous. With the right approach, you can speak in public with ease.

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