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As expected, the popular choice among the sampler menu offered by me is all about drinking.

But relax, drinking is not all that fun and COOL thing which we all know..

It is a thing which comes with lot of responsibility. So its very obvious that official age to drink is 25 while official age to drive is 18. You can imagine that how serious and careful thing it is. If not handled properly, it may not just damage us but also people around us.

So it is important to understand the aspects of “drinking” before we even judge it leave aside think of doing it.

The biggest problem with youngsters is their curiosity about drinking. Most of the times they do it out of curiosity and continue it just to remain socially accepted. It seems to be very downtrend to not able to drink or not like it. But believe me, you gotta know your comfort with it before you get into anything.

In this piece, I am just giving you some tips to handle your “social pressure” if any around drinking:

·       Be patient. At a right time and place you can experience it within the set boundaries.

·       Follow the rules. Rules both official and the one’s which you make for yourself, are to be clearly understood beforehand and cannot be broken while/post drinking.

·       Company is very important. So if you are at a big or social party better to play safe and avoid it. If you cannot avoid, just minimize your intake. Hold your drink.

·       Always share your experiences with your family if possible. You must try not to hide as it creates more hassles than comfort.

·       Listen to your body and mind. Gather their first clue and act wisely.

Alcohol has been available since the start of civilized society. But it is now that we have created a lot of fuss around it.

So chill and enjoy.. but always with responsibility…


Ashutosh Goel

>>the guest blogger  

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