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Top 5 Places to visit in USA

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With so much to see in this vast country, it can be difficult to know where to

start when it comes to planning a trip in the United States. It is the cultural

force of the modern era. A land built on immigration and pioneering,

America is a bastion of modern-day pop culture, free thought and the

relentless pursuit of the American Dream.

Comprised of 50 states, the USA occupies an area that's only just

marginally smaller than Europe. It's in this vast country that you will find an

unbelievably diverse array of natural landscapes, cityscapes, people and


Various places to see in United States are- 1. Statue Of Liberty The Statue Of Liberty Is A Colossal Neoclassical Sculpture On Liberty

Island In New York Harbor Within New York City, In The United

States. The Copper Statue, A Gift From The People Of France To The

People Of The United States, Was Designed By French Sculptor

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi And Its Metal Framework Was Built By

Gustave Eiffel. The Statue Was Dedicated On October 28, 1886. 2. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Is A Group Of Three Waterfalls At The Southern End Of

Niagara Gorge, Spanning The Border Between The Province Of Ontario In

Canada And The State Of New York In The United States. The Largest Of

The Three Is Horseshoe Falls, Also Known As Canadian Falls, Which

Straddles The International Border Of The Two Countries. The Smaller

American Falls And Bridal Veil Falls Lie Within The United States. Bridal

Veil Falls Are Separated From Horseshoe Falls By Goat Island And From

American Falls By Luna Island, With Both Islands Situated In New York.

Location- southern end of Niagara Gorge, spanning the border

between the province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York

in the United States. 3. Luray Caverns Luray Caverns, Originally Called Luray Cave, Is A Cave Just West Of

Luray, Virginia, United States, Which Has Drawn Many Visitors Since Its

Discovery In 1878. The Cavern System Is Generously Adorned With

Speleothems Such As Columns, Mud Flows, Stalactites, Stalagmites,

Flowstone, And Mirrored Pools. The Caverns Are Perhaps Best Known For

The Great Stalacpipe Organ, A Lithophone Made From Solenoid-Fired

Strikers That Tap Stalactites Of Various Sizes To Produce Tones Similar

To Those Of Xylophones, Tuning Forks, Or Bells. 4. Disneyland Disneyland Park, Originally Disneyland, Is The First Of Two Theme Parks

Built At The Disneyland Resort In Anaheim, California, Opened On July 17,

1955. It Is The Only Theme Park Designed And Built To Completion Under

The Direct Supervision Of Walt Disney. It Was Originally The Only

Attraction On The Property; Its Official Name Was Changed To Disneyland

Park To Distinguish It From The Expanding Complex In The 1990s. It Was

The First Disney Theme Park. 5. Time Square Times Square, square in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, formed by the

intersection of Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street, and Broadway. Times Square is also the

centre of the Theatre District, which is bounded roughly by Sixth and Eighth avenues to

the east and west, respectively, and by 40th and 53rd streets to the south and north,

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