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Travelling in the modern world

Updated: 3 days ago

Travelling is one of the most intriguing and adventurous feelings one can experience . The term "travel" may originate from old French word trevail , which means 'work'. Travel gives a person experience and make him/her come out of their comfort zone . traveling might be a harsh, including camping in the wood , making own food using the things provided by the nature or it might be a luxurious and relaxing one.

The best places to travel to are Greece, Switzerland, France, Italy , South Africa, Dubai and Malaysia. Greece has a amazing culture of gods and their interesting stories. Switzerland looks like a heaven made by the finest artist in the world. France and Italy are the countries with vast variety of cuisines. South Africa and malaysia are one of the beauties of the world. Dubai is one of the most rich country in the world and provides all the luxuries one can ask for.


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