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Most of us want to try something new when we go out to eat. But the only options we know are Chinese, Italian, fast food, south Indian or mostly mughlai. It is very disheartening to see that many hidden jewels of our Indian cuisine have not been popularized and commercialized. Only a handful of Indian restaurants are bold enough for experimenting to bring these magnanimous dishes to the masses. In our quest to atleast introduce few such dishes to you all, we shall post a series of blogs on this. We hope that the recipes of these dishes are available on youtube. So next time you plan a get-together or party, surprise your guests with these unexpected flavors. I am sure that they will surely give you positive feedback and ask you about them..

“First, we eat. Then, we do everything else”

                                           Said a wise man, following that culture here I am to bring out the u discovered foods of india.This time it’s the EAST INDIA!

In here you’ll find the undiscovered foods from West Bengal

First of which is LUCHI which is a flat bread which is deep fried, not so healthy but super delicious served with black choley. Truly it is a modified version of bhatura from

Punjab. The only thing what differentiates it with bhature is luchi is totally bland. But in my opinion it will taste better when eaten as a street food and not as a

Gourmet dish at a 5 star hotel.

Next on the line is TELABHAJA it is a teatime snack that is made from Brinjal slices that are dipped in a batter of gram flour and are deep fried.

If you ever visit Kolkata and you do not taste telebhaja, you have missed something very much enjoyable. The crispiness outside and soft and tender

Inside makes it even more exciting.

The next dish will satisfy you all non-veg eaters out there, DIMMER DOKKAR DALNA which is a steamed cake of eggs blended with spices and touched with potatoes.

After eating your stomach will thank you for sure.

The last dish from west Bengal is got to be a sweet dish after all it is the land of sweet dishes, Langcha is also called as sweetmeat of Bengal.

 It is made from cottage cheese, khoya and several different flours of various grains. It is fried and has an oval shape dipped in lots of sugar syrup.



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