Sana Mirza who is the most successful woman in Indian Tennis history and one of the only 2 WTA titled women of India decided to bid an adieu to sports.The sportswoman started playing Tennis when she was 6 years old and turned professional in 2003. Ever since she has won 6 Grand Slam awards,43 titles and is the Former doubles world number ONE spending 91 days in the title.Recently on 19 January,2022 Sania Mirza announced that she will be retiring at the end of season 2022. The sportswoman added that her body is now finally wearing down and she was not feeling the same motivation as before. The sportswoman took part in Sparta Prague Open but retired in first round match due to back injury and says she has constant knee pain. Last Tuesday, Mirza lost the mixed doubles quarter final at AUS Opens to Jason Kubler and Jaimee Fourlis. The Sportswoman returned to Tennis in March 2019 after birthing her son and post that her progress was weakened by the pandemic. Mirza even adds that she doubts that she can last this season but she wants to,she says that she feels she is putting her 3 year old son at risk by travelling so much with him. The sportswoman also feels that her normal pains are taking time to heal as she grows old. After 5 days of announcing her retirement, Mirza says she feels that she did this too early and she could have waited more.

The retirement has made The Universe of Sports loose a precious gem and many a few Tennis lovers still wishes she changes her mind. The blogger wishes that Sania thrives in her last season making it the best as her “RETIREMENT SPECIAL”. -Krish Arora

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